Mark’s news digest March 20-21, 2021

Mark’s news digest March 20-21, 2021. Today’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Creating a portal into a diverse range of news to keep you informed without swamping.


Canberra sex abuse story continues

How men can be allies to women right now

Yes, telling women they should be happy they’re not being shot at is bad. But this is the moment the PM really took women for mugs

Aboriginal women have fought against gendered violence perpetrated by white men since day one

‘The safety of women should be above politics’: Liberal MP Nicolle Flint calls for action on gendered abuse

PM Scott Morrison, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller conspire to cover-up rape

Bob Hawke ‘asked daughter to keep rape claim secret’


Sustainable energy

Australia braces for solar price hike as supply chain pressures start to bite
Switching off rooftop solar will become an important feature of a renewables grid

Chart of the day: Plummeting battery costs defy expectations

Australia must learn to dance with the new East-West carbon and energy wave



Australia’s Cats Kill Two Billion Animals Annually. Here’s How the Government Is Responding to the Crisis

The changing climate of risk – how climate change is impacting risk assessments by business



Covid news

Europe’s caution over Oxford vaccine about more than the science

Adverse reactions to COVID vaccines are rare — here’s how the TGA monitors for anything wrong



Social stories

Scientists Successfully Communicate With Lucid Dreamers While They Are Dreaming

Psychopaths at work: how to protect yourself from the hidden cost