Mark’s news digest March 15-16, 2021. 

Mark’s news digest March 15-16, 2021. Today’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Reading news on Facebook feeds is inviting the ‘Facebook mind’ into your life again. If you’d prefer to have your viewing private then check out the newsfeed and click through to the website where articles first appeared.


Health news

Study: Organic Diet “Significantly Reduces” Urinary Pesticide Levels In Children & Adults

Scientists Find Blue-Green Algae Chemical with Cancer Fighting Potential

Study: Weekly Use of Disinfectants Greatly Increases Your Risk of Fatal Lung Disease



COVID-19 vaccination should not encroach on civil liberties

How Effective is The Covid-19 (Pfizer) Vaccine?

Very good piece


Canberra rape story

What happened to me was nothing – the nothing women know all too well
Senator Lidia Thorpe on why having more women in parliament can bring an end to its toxic culture

Julia Gillard regrets not confronting sexism earlier but it wouldn’t have helped

The moral deadening
On the effects of Morrison’s shabby theatre and calculated evasions

Why do only women seem to take the fall in Australia when scandal breaks? By Van Badham


Australian politics

Australia’s Trump apologists
In the wake of the US Capitol riot, let us review the performances of Trump’s Australian cheerleaders

Government fails to effectively handle unemployment


Environment news

Remembering Fukushima: The disastrous result of Australia’s uranium exports

Engineers Develop A Device That ‘Literally Generates Electricity Out of Thin Air’


Social news

The bin fire of the humanities

Casualisation and relentless cost-cutting have destroyed the credibility of Australian universities

Fears of a debt disaster as property market runs hot and changes to safe lending laws loom


General interest stories

Quokkas throw their babies at predators to escape, and other Australian animal ‘myths’

Fascinating – daddy long legs actually kill other much larger spiders but their venom not an issue for humans

Scientists Observe A ‘Paranormal Connection’ Between Twins

Scientists Successfully Perform A ‘Memory Transplant’ Between Living Organisms