Mark’s news digest Feb 22, 2021 

with today’s expanded green section by Mark O’Brien

Facebook and media

The Facebook news ban revealed how problematic it is to rely on corporations to provide fundamental public services

Covid news

We need to stop scapegoating individuals during Covid outbreaks. The virus is the villain, by Van Badham

When you’re most likely to have side effects from COVID-19 vaccine

Not everyone wary of the COVID-19 vaccine is an anti-vaxxer – here, an expert answers people’s genuine concerns about getting the jab

Green issues

New Powerpaste for Hydrogen Storage – now we are talking!

Senior Australians want to buy ‘green bonds’ to help address climate

Joe Biden needs to re-evaluate America’s nuclear power plants

“When exposed to radiation, metal becomes embrittled and eventually can crack like glass. The longer the radiation exposure, the worse the embrittlement becomes.” 

With an average age of 40 years, America’s nuclear fleet is reaching a dangerous age where a Fukushima-type event may happen yearly!

Soil carbon: what role can it play in reducing Australia’s emissions?

Joe Biden to meet Justin Trudeau of Canada after Keystone pipeline order – how to manage the pipeline’s closure – the financiers knew that lots of things Trump did were gonna be undone asap.

Recycler Suez says herbicides in contaminated compost came from Melbourne council waste. How the system of collecting organic waste falls over when people dump their left over herbicides in the bin

Australian politics

Greens to put inequality at centre of election campaign after billionaires make out ‘like bandits’

Wren’s Week: Australia cannot survive another three years of LNP government

Monstrous act exposes the cold inhumanity at the heart of the Morrison government

Australia should resist the march of autocracy, but there will be consequences by Jonathan Pearlman


Mark’s News Digest by Mark O’Brien is created in response to Facebook shutting down its news feeds

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