Mark’s news digest Feb 20, 2021 from Mark O’Brien

Facebook and Media stories

A bad day for News Corp, Rudd and the enquiry into media ownership

Facebook is gambling Australia can’t live without it. Imagine if we prove them wrong from Lenore Taylor

If you’re in Australia and Facebook has eaten your newsfeed, where do you go now?

Australian politics

Morrison Scott No Beef With Slavery: If Your History Hurts, Just Rebrand It!

The scandals he (scomo) walks past

Paul Bongiorno, Notes on a Coalition scandal

The Brittany Higgins story

Brittany Higgins’ shocking story must be a turning point. Women in politics have had enough from Katharine Murphy

Second woman comes forward alleging she was sexually assaulted by same perpetrator as Brittany Higgins

Brittany Higgins’s rape allegations speak to basic questions of accountability in politics

Furore over the government’s handling of rape allegations; plus Facebook’s news ban – Radio interview

‘I was a staffer, and so was my perpetrator’

Brittany Higgins raised her voice loudly — and she can’t be the only one who does

eneral interest

These three lessons from history could help us understand our digital future

Environment and health news

Bee deaths spark investigation after traces of chemical Fipronil found in hives

Bush food, native plant products to be developed by Indigenous community and University of Queensland

Trevor St Baker says Collinsville coal plant would need shielding from climate policy change


US politics

With no mentions of Donald Trump, Joe Biden declares the US is ‘back’ on the world stage. But which America? Stan Grant asks if we want it back?


Mark’s News Digest by Mark O’Brien is created in response to Facebook shutting down its news feeds

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