Holistic skin treatments

This is a review about holistic skin treatments with Dr Haushcka Skin Care signature treatments and products.

Unlike so many skin treatments produced today, the Dr. Hauschka preparations are inspired by a holistic approach to skin care, an inclusive system of the entire body and its relationship to plants, cycles the earth and the universe.

The products contain no synthetic fragrances and are free from synthetic preservative and colouring agents.

They contain only plant oils and essences from plants grown biodynamically, organically or harvested in the wild – important when striving to keep our bodies free from toxins.

Even the company itself has great integrity when it comes to taking care of the planet and working ethically.

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The treatment began with a sage foot soak – it allowed me to get quiet inside and just let the day go. The therapist massaged my feet, legs and also my arms and hands.

A warm compress was applied to my face before cleansing, which apparently causes the skin to lock in moisture, encouraging my skin to work its own way towards rejuvenation, rather than using machines or fancy equipment.

Throughout the entire process, the therapist’s skilled hands worked on my face, throat and chest in a way that felt so healing and nourishing.

I had the feeling that my entire body was receiving the treatment and not just my face and couldn’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed and quiet inside.

One of the unique techniques used in the Dr. Hauschka treatments is a lymphatic brushing of the face, using soft brushes to gently stimulate the lymph system. It is subtle but very effective.

I could feel that each movement and technique from the therapist was deliberately done to facilitate my body’s own wisdom for self-healing.

Two masks were also applied after the cleanse and steam, followed by luxurious moisturising and a massage of my neck and shoulders. When I emerged, I looked as if I had just had a two week holiday! And I felt as if my entire body had been nurtured.

Winter is a wonderful time to stop and take some time out of our busy schedules, just to be with and nourish ourselves, and this treatment leaves one feeling nurtured and truly revived on many levels, as well as feeling good about the elements used on the skin.

 From “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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