Rose Gilmore: Jaw, Sound and Reiki Healing, Tarot, ThetaHealing(R).

ThetaHealing(R) is powerful for the physical body transforming beliefs or feelings so they can support you to co-create your destiny.

Also Theta DNA Activation, Manifestation of Abundance, Perfect Fitness and Weight, Soul Mate and Intuitive Anatomy. Rose trained with founder Vianna Stibal for most of these courses.

Jaw Healing RESET is hands-on energy healing to relax specific jaw muscles from tension, pain, teeth-grinding, injuries etc.

Lifewave natural skin patches stimulate the body to improve energy, sleep, anti-ageing and management of pain and weight. Rose began healing over 40 years ago.

Ph. 042919 4912. Byron Bay and Mullumbimby clinics and some home visits.

Rose Gilmour has been working with healing for 35 years.
0429 194912 

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