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Why People Living With Diabetes Need Strength Training

Most people tend to ask – is it ok to train if I have diabetes? The answer is simple and always the same – yes; strength training is one of the best things you can do if you have diabetes.

While exercising, your body responds better to insulin, your circulation improves, you are strengthening your bones, you improve the way your body uses sugar, and you lose all the extra weight and lower the risk of heart diseases.

If these facts are not enough to convince you to start working out, nothing will. There are many more positive sides to a strength workout, and for all those with diabetes, here are several reasons why you should start working out straight away.

Control your blood sugar levels

It is recommended that people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes start working out to control and improve their blood sugar flow. By doing cardio training, your body loses fat and your circulation improves significantly.

By lifting weights, you speed up your metabolism and your blood sugar level is lowered, which helps you control your diabetes.

Over the course of years, your body will get used to training and your blood sugar will decrease to the point where you might actually forget that you have type 2 diabetes. Make your body feel strong again.

Shape the way your body utilises insulin

Studies have shown that doing aerobic exercises helps you boost how your body uses insulin. In fact, the more you exercise, the more you will get used to that good post-workout feeling. Push your limits and do not let your condition stop you. Work out for two days, and then let your muscles relax.

Feed them with proper food and proteins, and let them grow strong and well-shaped. Remember to stretch after training, to further utilise the insulin in your body and improve your blood circulation.

Hire a personal trainer to help you out

Signing up for personal training is always a good thing, and hiring a personal trainer to help you in such an endeavour is a bonus. Staying at home and doing nothing is not an option, for you will just make it easier for your condition to beat you, and increase the chances of cardiac arrest.

A personal trainer will motivate you, help you overcome any obstacles that you might face, and help you grow and evolve mentally. You will see changes around every corner, just be persistent enough and stay on the right track. It is your life, and you need to do something about it.

Physical activity – yoga, workouts, physical meditation

Engaging in any physical activity is crucial for fighting diabetes. It is known that by doing nothing, you are prone to gaining additional weight and increasing your body mass, and these are the things you want to avoid if you are a diabetic.

Start exercising and engaging in physical activities such as yoga and meditation. All of these physical activities help your body fight the increased sugar flow, and help keep all potential diseases that might result from diabetes at bay.

Be ready for it

As someone living with diabetes, you must be prepared for changes, and most of them are not easily accepted. You cannot simply jump into it and expect success, for your body will not handle it. You need to come up with a plan, and carefully inspect your body’s reaction to each exercise.

For most people with diabetes, blood sugar levels will drop during a workout, and then stabilise afterwards. However, resistance training’s only flaw is that it tends to raise your sugar level, which will then drop in the next 24 hours.

You need to carefully observe your body’s reaction so that you do not end up with severe hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Living with diabetes can be stressful enough; however, do not let it beat you. You still have your life, and if there are things which can help you live healthier and control your condition, make sure you reach out for them.

Start utilising training today, and see your life change right in front of you.

Written by Samantha Oliver, a blogger from