Kinesiology, a clients perspective: Barbara

This is an interview from Kinesiology, a clients perspective, by Dr Anna Rolfes

Barbara is a 32-year-old artist who had consulted a kinesiologist for different health problems over the years.

Anna: Can you recall the sessions you’ve had and what the muscle testing did for you? How did you experience the muscle testing?

Barbara: Well, the first sessions I did were many years ago, maybe five, six years ago. It was while I had a lump in my breast and I just wanted to make sure. I didn’t want to go through this thing of radiation in the hospital.

I wanted to try any alternative to make sure that it was not developing into cancer or anything serious. I had gone to a few normal doctors but they had no answers. That’s why I came to this person who practised kinesiology.

What it did to me is a bit hard to say, in a sense. While I was lying down I felt basically going through emotions of feeling in a quiet space or not. But the amazing thing was, for me, when S changed things on my body or found answers.

For example, there was, in the beginning, as part of the first session, a need for my body to have water. So S gave me water to drink and then a water bottle on my belly.

Just what that basically did for me, to my physical body, was a very deep experience. I understood that there is a possibility of something outside my mind to know what my body needs.

I could feel that it was good for me to drink water at that very moment. That experience for me—actually the physical results—led to possibilities in my life which I really didn’t see at the time. So for me, muscle testing has opened my life in depth.

For example, when I had to do something with my eyes and elbows and I could see that it was really impossible for me to look in a certain direction while doing the movements, I realised that there was a connection between my emotions and memories and the body.

It was so hard to look up there and down there, but not the other ways. So, actually, that is what kinesiology did the most for me, the realisation that there is this connection.

Anna: Between body and…?

Barbara: And between other levels of my being, with these parts which are missing in me. And the body sometimes shows there is a lack of something. So it is more on this level that I have been very touched.

I was lying and S was touching my breast and S asked my muscles and then S wrote something down for me which was so spot-on about my father. Yeah, it hit something.

So, the experience of S actually not knowing anything about me and just testing my body and the body showing something about myself which I cannot myself put straight into words was quite deep.

It came just out, to show me something on that level. That was my experience.

Anna: Would you say that the muscle testing was enhancing your intuition or was it more that you could show to the therapist what was going on for you, which you wouldn’t have been able to say in words, because it was not in your conscious mind?

Barbara: No, I couldn’t have seen it consciously. What S said, the words from the Bible which showed me my father, and relate it to something in my breast. No, I could never have told her that.

So, when S made that connection I was touched and I had to cry. But I have no idea why. I don’t know if that understanding has another meaning, but the lump went away, that’s for sure.

Then I did some other sessions not so long ago, like one year ago. I don’t know what the reason was any more. I guess it was more an emotional reason than a physical reason.

The memory that I have of that session is that I felt almost in a kind of hypnosis.

There were moments when S worked with my childhood and I was actually remembering what was my feeling then and my legs started to shake while I was standing there.

I had to stand while S was doing this and after the session I was physically very faint and my legs felt very different.

I guess I went for something emotional because I had finished a relationship with a man or something like that at the time.

Anna: So what is the muscle test? How do you experience that when you feel that your arm gets weak? Can you feel that?

Barbara: I can feel that, yeah, I can feel when my arm is strong or weak. But it is never like I feel that I have control over it, when S does that to me. No.

Anna: Even if you think you are strong, it might be weak?

Barbara: Yeah, it is not actually something where I feel I have control over when S does it. Or we both.

Anna: Can you accept what comes out of a muscle test? Can you feel the change as well from a weak test to what makes your arm stronger?

Barbara: Yes, I can feel the difference once my arm is strong again. Sometimes it gives me a confused feeling, that a water bottle on my belly or a reading from the Bible has really changed something.

Because without that the muscle was weak and then with it the test was strong. And sometimes I feel a little bit distressed if there needs to be lots of things done to get the muscle one hundred percent strong.

Anna: Do you think it is enhancing your intuition having such tests? That you feel more in your intuitive part when you have a session, or does that not play a role?

Barbara: I have a feeling that what is asked from me during such a session is actually coming from another part of me than this logic part. So in that regard I have been brought more in touch with another part of myself than my logic parts.

You could say it enhances my intuition. I feel it comes from another part than the logic way of thinking. So in a way, yes, I guess yes.

Anna: Does it bypass your mind and taps into another part of you?

Barbara: Somehow, in a normal therapy session with a psychologist or someone else, you may have a resistance and you can spend hours and hours just talking and hiding.

Somehow, in this kind of process, there is another force, something of you, I should say, almost from the unconscious, which resists. You don’t really want to be naked.

But in another way, you really want to be there naked because you want to solve this illness or whatever goes on. The muscle test in a way is faster. It bypasses my kind of resistance, the lot of words and stories.

Anna: Do you find it is a different method of communicating?

Barbara: In a way, yes. It felt efficient in the sense that it gave me completely whatever information I needed. I felt: “Yes, I can recognise this, and yes, of course, I just felt that yesterday when I was with this person”.

Or in the very last session I did, there was this thing about me, that there is no choice and I feel I never have a choice and all these days before I felt, “I don’t know what to choose; I just don’t know how to cope with something like this decision”.

I would never have picked that by myself. I brings me in touch with something where I am getting touched. Where I can bring up tears or what kind of feelings I have.

Anna: Is there something else you would like to say?

Barbara: Yeah. Before you asked me: “Does it make you more aware of your body?”, but I thought what I should say is that it makes me aware of the connection between my body and my feelings — that it has made me more aware of that.

It made me somehow more sensitive. I don’t know if it was directly kinesiology but because of this person who gave the kinesiology sessions and the way S treated me, yeah, with all that it made me more sensitive in the sense of feeling more refined.

I should say, I feel more refined or more subtle.

Anna: Does it increase your sense of your physical body? Are you more aware of what is really going on?

Barbara: Yeah, it’s a feeling like you have eaten too much and you feel it in your stomach, that your whole belly is full.

And now those feelings are much more subtle.

Like, I can feel I am sitting here now and I’m a little bit scared giving the interview. Therefore I feel a bit tight and tense. Not that I can do anything with it now.

But I am aware of it, that there is something that has been repeated in my life. Or if there are things in your life and you will be affected by them, you have less energy and then something hits you. It is just energy failure.

Anna: In your body?

Barbara: Yeah, I think I am more aware of that and, when I feel this more strongly, I can do something about it.

Anna: When you have mental stress or emotional stress your body gets weaker?

Barbara: Yes, I have now more flexibility in my hip joints and my knee joints because somebody has worked on it and I can see the relationship there.

Anna: So the body reacts to whatever is happening. And what does it feel actually lying there and having this muscle tested or standing there and someone is pushing your body or your arm in a certain direction?

Barbara: Yeah, in the very beginning, when I just didn’t even know what it was, I found it a bit awkward, very technical and very logical, actually.

I found it kind of suspicious, the kind of tools S had, like what I said about this water bottle on my belly. But the results and depth of it gave me actually more trust in this thing with the muscles.

And out of the depth, even in the first session, I could just relax and I remember.

Anna: Thank you.

By Dr Ann Rolfes

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