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Australian Politics

Adani, Facebook and the Australian election

What connects Adani, Facebook and the Australian election? Money. Vast sums of money that Adani will lose if the huge coal mine in the Carmichael Basin in central Queensland does not go ahead (which would scuttle other, smaller tho still huge, coal...

Why Vote Green?

One of the things that is patently obvious in modern Australian elections is that neither of the main political parties has either the will or the interest in making any substantial inroads into our carbon... social issues articles

Why are Greens so unfashionable?

The Greens wishlist is pretty much the wish list of every person in Australia who wants to build a happy life for themselves. From education, hospitals, public transport, renewable energy, sustainable cities to saving our old growth forests so our...

Labour And Greens Natural Enemies

I want to raise the question: are labour and Greens natural enemies? for those Australian Greenies who find themselves frustrated by Labour’s seeming inability to grasp environmental...

Folk Hero Or Ratbag?

Do you remember those days prior to the start of the Iraq war, when hundreds of thousand of Australians marched in the streets, demanding and pleading with the Howard Goverrnment to not commit our country to a bogus war in...

The case for a carbon tax

The media is full of terror about the potential impacts of a carbon tax, a tax that is being fought just as hard by the mining lobby as the mining tax was. 'It will put miners out of business', 'it will be a job killer', 'it will drive the energy... social issues articles

Drug Law Reform in Australia

In the news today, April 3 2012, there was many articles about a report by a group of eminent Australians which advocates wholesale drug reform. Current Minister for Foreign Affairs and former NSW Premier Bob Carr, whose views were considered by the...