Vaudeville of the Vulva

The Vaudeville of the Vulva is Laura Doe Harris’s hilarious one-woman show (along with the ”vulva underground!) centred on the vulva, the external female genitalia generally, incorrectly, referred to as the vagina which only pertains to the interior canal.

Starting with a very funny, Cockney cleaning lady preparing the stage and the audience, Vaudeville of the Vulva is both a raunchy giggle and educational.

Touching on the anatomical wonders of the female genitalia, starting with the clitoris, the only organ in humans whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure and that is actually much larger than merely the trigger point at the top of the vulva, Laura Doe takes the audience for a brief ride through the various historical cultural mores with regards to female sexuality and its mystery.

I noticed many young female members of the audience nodded when Laura Doe spoke of how hard it is for women to even say the word vagina, even to their doctor or mother, preferring to say ‘down there’, pussy, beaver plus a plethora of other substitutes.

At one point we all stood up to heartily sing along to ‘My My My Vagina’ (to the tune of ‘My My My Delilah’), which all the men in the audience found super funny! Later ‘Do the Vulvalution’ to the tune of ‘Do the locomotion’ was also fun.

Making use of puppets and multiple costume and personality changes, Vaudeville of the Vulva is a playful and risqué presentation of the wonders of the vulva. The characters included an Indian tantric teacher, the very proper English professor, the famous French lover plus others, all with something interesting to say. The Catholic nun espousing the joys of ‘self help’ was hilarious.

A little like The Vagina Monologues that spread all around the world 10-15 years ago, but from a comedic perspective, the Vaudeville of the Vulva is a celebration of the vulva and female sexuality, excellent for men and women of all ages (post puberty of course) where everyone can learn something as well as laugh their way through some layers of sexual shame and ignorance.

An appetite whetter extraordinaire!

Click here for the Vaudeville of the Vulva’s website

Review by Mark O’Brien, April 2019, after a performance in Brunswick Heads, Australia