Multiple hands-on Craniosacral balancing

I have actually wanted to experience a multiple hands-on Craniosacral balancing session for ages, so was really looking forward to this session.

I lay on the table and they got down to work.

Not a lot happens in a a multiple hands-on Craniosacral balancing session, with the woman holding one hand under my sacrum, the other lightly resting on my belly, while the man worked on the upper part, either around my neck where he fiddled around lots, and on my face and head.

I just found myself sinking in and further in, and then in some more. In a way multiple hands-on Craniosacral balancing is like having meditation done to you, as I just fell into such a gorgeous still space, no thought even of how I was going to convey this experience.

At different times they would speak, like water flowing over rocks, soothing, with subtle changes in position the effect of which I couldn’t always identify, only I became quieter and quieter.

After what seemed like ages the man informed me that he and the woman would exchange positions for the last past of the session, and that was different, and I dropped further in.

After some time the session was over, and I remained on the table.

After what seemed like ages it occurred to me that there was a world that required my presence and I got up. I was so blissed that I forgot … no that isn’t true, I was simply there with no movement to do, be or go anywhere.

I came downstairs, had some water, and then floated off into the day.

Craniosacral is a lot about connecting with the still point inside, and that was where I had been for the 2 hours I was on the table. Just still, only occasional movement in the mind, none in the body.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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