Live blood analysis

Live blood analysis was something I had heard about lots so I was keen to try.

The practitioner, a naturopath, had a background in pathology and naturopathy and does all kinds of consultations, treatments and tests at her clinic: colonic irrigation, live blood analysis, mud wraps, steam baths, the list goes on.

First I filed out an extensive form about my health, diet habits and bodily functions. Then after explaining the process she took a tiny drop of blood from a painless prick on the side of a finger.

She used the side as there are fewer nerve endings there so less painful. Then she smeared it on a slide and put it under the microscope which was connected to a monitor.

Wow! It was amazing! So much action in such a tiny drop! The first thing that was apparent were all these circles (red blood cells) with all these kind of vibrating dots of light (what remained of the food I had eaten some hours before!).

She then proceeded to take me on a guided tour of my blood and all the different cell types found.

She has pictures on the wall of the various cells with something wrong; ie when a person has a certain sickness or weakness, this is how the cells appear.

It was amazing looking at all this stuff, because in the blood is the fact of how your body is doing.

There are lots of different types of white blood cells, each of them reacting differently to different pathologies.

Also visible were little acid crystals (I had been aware of being a bit acidic lately), and surprising to me who never does any kind of diet or cleanse, a negligible presence of candida or other fungi and parasites.

I live an erratic lifestyle where I do all the wrong things (except doing serious stuff) and other than the occasional run, tennis, gym, a few of the right things, and here I am ‘looking good’!

It was amazing though how each of the aspects of my lifestyle that concern me, such as exercise, smoking, all showed up, but in such a minor way.

All of which makes perfect sense, but here it is so apparent, so immediate.

At this point the naturopath confessed that she found my blood a little boring as there was not all that much to show me!

Naturally most people who go to see her and have a live blood analysis go because they have some issue, not like me just checking it out.

Then there are all kinds of weird and wonderful visuals!

After she felt like she had gone over the entire sample, and found nothing of significance, she then went over her checklist.

On this two page sheet there is a list of all the main types of cells with places to note the condition of each, and what that reflects in terms of health or diet and we went through that, and I had a couple of minor painless adjustments to make.

I felt quite empowered, which is I think the best thing about this – you get to see what is going on, rather than simply going back to your doctor some days after a blood test and him reading from a report.

I think it is wonderful thing to do, to have such an opportunity to have a look at your inside like this.

I felt really healthy all of a sudden, and walked out buoyed by how healthy I was!

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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