Varij Wayne Stuart: Astrology, Tarot and Spiritual Counselling.

Varij Wayne Stuart is a master astrologer of 25 years’ experience.

He offers profound insight into your life purpose and future direction, relationship patterns and possibilities, career and financial prospects as well as health issues.

Astrology also reveals the onset and duration of major life challenges and opportunities.

Tarot cards can further illuminate any life question or issue.

A former tutor in philosophy at Melbourne University, Varij combines intelligence with intuition, wisdom and compassion, to offer clear, positive and accurate guidance.

Contact: M: 0409 181 526, Ph: 6680 4389 (h), and see and click on Astrology to see Varij’s testimonials, books and classes.

Varij Wayne Stuart is a Byron Bay Astrologer, a Byron Bay Spiritual Counsellor and Byron Bay Tarot reader.

Varij Wayne Stuart practises:

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