Saphire Rose Rochelle: Lomi Lomi Haloa (Kahuna Bodywork).

Enter into a shamanic realm with Saphire, into your inner being, your bliss state; such is the nature of Lomi Lomi Haloa with her profound transformational healing.

She calls upon the universal mana (energy) and the secrets, wisdom and healing of the ancient lineage of the Kahunas, to bring forth an incredible rite of passage ceremony, and deep sensual bodywork.

Trained to high standards, Saphire has 25 years’ experience in the health and fitness industries.

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Give yourself permission to heal, begin the journey, with 2-3 hour transformational sessions. Ph. (02) 6684 5363 or 0438 928 465.

Saphire is a local Byron Bay Kahuna massage therapist and Byron Bay health and fitness therapist.

Saphire Rose Rochelle practises:

Hawaiian Bodywork