Sandra Hotz: Body Psychotherapy, Esoteric Healing and Yoga.

Sandra Hotz presents a way to re-connect to your soul.

Through gentle breathing, body awareness, conscious living practice, supportive nutrition, energetic healing and counselling that promotes a well-loved body, a clear mind and a heart in gentleness.

This is a soulful approach to energetic personal development and true health.

My work focuses on bringing awareness to your body and thinking patterns, breathing your own breath and finding stillness again.

By developing your inner connection, you can build an honest self-loving relationship with yourself and feelings of anxiousness, sadness, anger, exhaustion, or pain can be transformed and healed.

Sandra Hotz is a Byron Bay Body Psychotherapist and Byron Bay Esoteric Healer and Byron Bay Yoga teacher.

For sessions/courses: 041 871 43 45 or