Nitya Langstrom: Intimacy Coach

Improve Your Intimacy Skill!

Could your intimate and sexual experiences be better? Do you want to feel more? Do you feel limited by insecurities in your intimate life?

The above and many other issues can be addressed, improved and resolved with the help of coaching and mentoring in this very important area of life!

Trained in Transformational Life Coaching, and Meta Dynamics(NLP), Nitya has experience, and utilises her knowledge, in bodywork, movement awareness, meditation and Taoist practices for multi orgasmic potential, in her work with male clients.

Associate Member of International Coach Guild (ICG). Insured with Aon.

Call 0498 359 487

Nitya Langstrom is a Byron Bay Intimacy coach, a coach for male sex issues in Byron Bay and a Byron Bay sex coach

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Nitya Langstrom: Intimacy Coach practises:

Intimacy coaching Tantra and Sexuality Taoist Sex Coaching