Jeremy Sutton Rolfing® – Structural Integration in Byron Bay.

Rolfing® is a type of alignment-based bodywork. Not really a massage, this seeks to restore a core balance to the body

Through careful analysis, Rolfing seeks to understand how tightness in the body can change our posture, joint alignment and ease of motion.

By using pressure, stretch and movement, the tight areas of the body are systematically loosened to allow balance to be restored.

Rolfing can be helpful for chronic low back pain, shoulder issues, neck problems, ankle sprains/stiffness, as well as other musculoskeletal problems.

Please check out or call Jeremy Sutton at 0407 132 921.

Jeremy Sutton Rolfing is a deep tissue bodywork in Byron Bay

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Jeremy Sutton Rolfing practises:

Deep Tissue Massage Rolfing