Gabriel Liebovitz: Psychic Healing.

I never realised at age 10, visiting a clairvoyant neighbour, I would find my vocation in life. She took my hands in hers, and told me I had the hands of a healer.

Through massage, Reiki, reflexology, chakra and body realignment, I am able to support you physically, and on an emotional level, opening your heart to the highest good.

Meridian energy readings and balancing, Anti-ageing and pain management.

It was amazing to feel such emotion. Such happiness. I really wanted to laugh out loud with the joy of it.

“You have helped me both physically and spirituality”. Sue, WA.

Live Long. Live Well.

email: Tel: 0423 519 776.

Gabriel Liebovitz is a Byron Bay psychic healer, a Byron Bay Reiki practitioner, as well as Byron Bay massage and reflexology therapist.