Dhyan Trevor: Craniosacral Balancing.

Dhyan Trevor has been teaching Craniosacral Balancing in Australia, Europe and India. He taught his first introductory course in Mullumbimby in 1991. Many of his students are currently practising in the Byron Bay area.

Craniosacral is an advanced bodywork technique that can be helpful in the relief of much physical pain and suffering, from backache to tinnitus.

Essentially a body based modality, working with the craniosacral system, its effects reach to the subtlest levels of experience.

The Craniosacral system is at the centre of our body, the bridge between body, mind and being. It is the membraneous and hydraulic system containing the cerebrospinal fluid which protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord.

The Central Nervous System is completely contained by these membranes which extend from inside the bones of the head, through the vertebral canal, to the sacrum.

The entire system has a subtle movement, the craniosacral rhythmn, which is in time with the absorption and production of the cerebrospinal fluid.

A Craniosacral session normally lasts an hour and a half. The therapist uses a very light touch, to be in tune with the craniosacral rhythmn, which is very subtle.

The membranes adhere to the internal surface of the bones of the head  and, after passing inside the vertebral canal, the sacrum. These areas are used as points of contact and mobilisation.

By means of this delicate and precise touch, following the craniosacral rhythmn, the practitioner helps re balance and organising the bones, relax the fascia (connective tissue) throughout the body and free up the membrane system.

As a mother in a state of relaxation is able to instil tranquillity and peace to her child, so the membranes surrounding the spinal cord, when freed and softened, allow a deep relaxation in the Central Nervous System.

The “strong mother”

…the play of words and meaning in this work is interesting: the most external  of the 3 membranes surrounding the spinal cord is the Dura Mater. This membrane is the strongest and its name means the “Tough Mother”.

Often our habit to think of “strong” as “hard” prevents us from experiencing the roots of strength itself, which come from a state of profound relaxation.

Often, during a session this space allows the beauty and wisdom of one’s inner child to emerge. This can occur through bodily sensations, visualisation, memories and feelings.

The task of craniosacral is to facilitate this process, as if reminding the mother how to relax, thereby permitting the cerebro spinal fluid to flow easily, profoundly nourishing every nerve cell. These cells carry memories from near and far in time and space.

Only a deep state of relaxed acceptance favours the letting go of the most painful and disturbing memories. Many of these memories, because they are so painful, are unconscious.

Thus the inner child can express his cry and finally enjoy calming himself in the arms of a relaxed mother, passing from unconsciousness to consciousness. Frequently this process takes place in a space of watching, standing back and allowing.

Craniosacral relaxes the body at its very core, the membranes and fluid surrounding and supporting the brain and spinal cord.

This relaxation carries one, naturally, to a space of deep meditation from which arises a sense of wellbeing and peace.

In this space many difficulties with the body simply dissolve, as the body’s inner wisdom guides the session.

Specifically this work helps with disorders of the lower back and pelvis, neck and head pain, vertigo, Trigeminal neuralgia and hormonal imbalances.

Sessions last an hour and a half: allow a quiet hour afterwards.

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Trevor and his partner Heera are available for individual or combined sessions

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