Deborah Lilly: (M. Gest. Therapy) Gestalt Therapist.

Gestalt Therapy is a unique form of phenomenological-existential therapy founded by Fritz and Laura Perls in the 1940s.

Focussing on what the client is thinking, feeling and perceiving, the client’s ‘subjective’ experience forms the basis of dialogue, bringing awareness and insight.

As embodied beings, our attitudes, our tension, our breathing and our feelings affect our physical vitality (energy) as well as mental health.

By being open to a client’s way of being and open to new possibilities, unique solutions emerge from the co-created field of creativity and spontaneity. Deborah holds a Masters Degree in Gestalt Therapy and is based in Mullumbimby. Ph: 02 6684 3723.

About Gestalt

You don’t have to be nuts! Gestalt therapy is a great way to explore the minutiae of daily existence – what does it mean when you tense up as you remember a particular person?
What’s going on with your breathing?
What does that remind you of?
How come you gave your power away then?

On of the great things about gestalt is the “Aha experience” when insight is suddenly illuminated. And you get there yourself with a little prompting from a trained gestaltist who observes body language, changes in the voice and seeks out where your energy is strongest (or weakest).

Gestalt therapy is like shining a torch into dark places. It can also be a creative experience, using art, music, toys or an empty chair for your imagined friend/foe.

Deborah Lilly gained a Masters Degree in 2009 and has been running a gestalt group since then.

Currently Deborah is seeking to expand her one-to-one practice and is offering very reasonable rates.

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Deborah Lily is a Byron Bay Gestalt therapist.


Deborah Lilly practises:

Counselling Gestalt Psychology