Ana Barner: Voice Dialogue and Transpersonal Dialogue.

Feeling lost, unable to make decisions, trapped in unconscious relationships?

Is your personality driving you crazy?

Explore the different aspects of yourself and find the centre within your polarities.

Learn to be present in your life having access to the whole of your personality while being connected to your essence.

Ana Barner is a senior international Voice Dialogue facilitator, specialising in working with relationship issues, body symptoms and living essence through personality.

Individual and couples sessions, phone and skype consultations, groups, trainings, professional supervision. Transpersonal Dialogue International

Ana Barner. Tel: (02) 6684 7158, Mob: 0410 740420



Skype: anabarner

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Ana Barner is a Byron Bay Voice Dialogue therapist and Byron Bay Transpersonal Dialogue Therapist


Ana Barner practises:

Counselling Spiritual work Voice Dialogue