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A Woman Was Sitting at a bar

A woman was sitting at a bar having her usual after work cocktail with some girlfriends when a very exceptionally tall, good looking and very sexy middle-aged man came in.

The woman could not take her eyes off him, undressing him in her mind as he walked in. The man immediately noticed her overly attention, and interested, walked directly toward her.

Flustered for being caught so rudely staring, she was shocked when he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I know you want me, and I’ll do anything, absolutely anything, that you would like me to do, no matter how weird of kinky, for $20. But, I have one condition.”

Stunned, and even more flustered, she asked what that condition was.

The man then whispered in her ear again, “You must tell me what you want from me in only three words.”

The woman considered this for a moment, feeling butterflies in her stomach, and then taking out her purse, removed a $20 note, which she then put in the man’s hand along with her business card with her address on it.

She looked softly into his eyes, and letting the moment build, enjoying the anticipation growing in his eyes, slowly and deliberately said “Clean my house.”

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