Mark’s news digest March 6-7, 2021 

Mark’s news digest March 6-7, 2021. This weekend’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Click on the links to go to the original publisher’s page


Enviro news

A New Modular Platform for EV development: An Interview with Daniel Barel of REE Auto

This looks super cool, amazing, brilliant idea

A Potato Battery Can Light Up a Room For Over a Month

Schlumberger New Energy, Chevron, and Microsoft Collaborate on Carbon Negative Bioenergy.

Looks to me like it is a mirage, not much is going to be achieved for the energy and hype. Biomass is not really a clean sustainable energy source.

Enegix Energy to Build $5.4 Billion Green Hydrogen Facility in Brazil

H2 is moving fast, Australia needs to get moving on this, which thanks to Twiggy Forrest, it is

Australia lags the world on electric vehicle choice and it’s hurting take-up, industry says



Canberra sex abuse story

It really seems like Australia is about to go through the sexual revolution that Europe and US went through in the 1960-70s. And it is painful to watch.

Canberra’s pale, stale and male tribe is missing the moment – as it did with Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech byKatharine Murphy

I think I speak for a lot of Australian women when I say I’m so tired after this week

Christian Porter is correct — this is an extremely unsatisfactory state of affairs

Christian Porter’s internal investigation into Dyson Heydon reveals more complaints

Great to see existence has a sense of irony!

Two cabinet ministers attended event at which woman alleged Christian Porter raped her

Headline falsely insinuates some kind of conspiracy that is not there, but there are titbits within this article

A-G Christian Porter is guilty of raping Katharine Thornton, a powerful prima facie case supports, with the key evidence of lies from Porter’s own mouth

The cold truths Christian Porter case has exposed about justice in Australia


Covid news

Australian attitudes on the COVID-19 vaccine differ on political lines — but the vast majority are still keen for the jab

Italy, EU refuse AstraZeneca request to ship 250,000 doses of vaccine to Australia

A little ironic when so much of Europe does not want this vaccine, and I agree with them anyway – they have had catastrophic impacts from covid and must supply own population before shipping overseas.

Hotel COVID-19 quarantine is not foolproof, so is it time to reconsider home quarantine for returned travellers?

Not at all surprised ‘they’ want to do this. Realistically, having seen on a very small scale, next to many other countries, the devastation once the virus gets into the community, and I agree that there needs to be option for home isolation if not carrying disease (as is unlikely if vaxxed) but still isolating for two weeks. Get used to it folks, this is how it goes.

The Northern Territory survives a year of coronavirus without death or outbreak

India’s coronavirus cases mysteriously fell. But with vaccines delayed, some fear the rise of COVID-19 variants

In an article linked on a previous post someone posited that covid affects overweight and obese people more, which could be why US and UK have had so many cases while Asia has not.


Social stories

Benefits of microdosing LSD might be placebo effect, study finds

Californians on universal basic income paid off debt and got full-time jobs

$500 a month was just a wage support that seems to have worked – given US hourly rate can be as low as $5 it is really needed there. This did not really provide any other useful data though for UBI in other places


This news digest arose from the recent Facebook stoush. Seems better to read news without Facebook watching over your shoulder.