Mark’s news digest March 17-18, 2021

Mark’s news digest March 17-18, 2021. Today’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Creating a portal into a diverse range of news to keep you informed without swamping.


Canberra sex abuse bubble

Social media is driving the latest wave of activism on sexual assault — but there’s risks

Voices raised in anger are echoing throughout the land but it seems Morrison still can’t hear by Katharine Murphy

Read what Brittany Higgins had to say when she spoke at the women’s march

‘Challenge the fear of speaking your mind’: Miranda Tapsell, Ronni Kahn & Julie Bishop

Scott Morrison’s support of Christian Porter is demeaning towards women

No, prime minister, sexual assault allegations are not only a matter for the police

‘They buried allegations of sexual violence’: The shattering incident that made a young man walk away from politics


Health news

Psycho-Acoustic Medicine: Science Behind Sound Healing For Serotonin Production

Study: Short Break From Cosmetics Causes “Significant Drop of Hormone Disrupting Chemicals”

Women resetting the global agenda in health and science in 2021

The ‘Power’ Of The Quartz Crystal From An Indigenous Point of View



A great Byron Bay story, and what a beautiful gift from Tony Maxwell

Land could be worth more left to nature than when farmed, study finds

National Party waging war against Australian environment


Australian politics

China reports Australia to UN body over ‘violated’ human rights

Now we are getting into uncharted territory, China complaining about Australian human rights. It would be funny if it was not true.

Australia’s economy: From the pinnacle to the poorhouse in seven years\


 Covid news

New Lancet Article Suggests 50-75% of “Positive” PCR Tests Are Not Infectious People

‘The risk has changed’: Morrison seeks a deal to open economy, borders

China embraces coronavirus vaccine passports for overseas travel, but other countries foresee concerns

Doctors left ‘ill-equipped’ for Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout criticise delayed launch of booking site