Mark’s news digest March 11, 2021 

Mark’s news digest March 11, 2021. Today’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Reading news on Facebook feeds is inviting the ‘Facebook mind’ into your life again. If you’d prefer to have your viewing private then check out the newsfeed and click through to the website where articles first appeared.


General news

New York woman discovers secret apartment behind bathroom mirror

Imagine that! Feeling a breeze coming from behind bathroom mirror, and deciding to take it off to fix issue, discovering a 3 bed apartment that nobody knew about. How extraordinary.

Tech giants to make Australia’s phone repairers extinct, right-to-repair inquiry hears

The dysfunctional, callous royal family is a profoundly weird thing for Australia to hitch our cart to


Environment news

Yallourn, one of Australia’s last brown coal power stations, to close early in favour of giant battery

It’s unavoidable: we must ban fossil fuels to save our planet. Here’s how we do it



Scientists Find Blue-Green Algae Chemical with Cancer Fighting Potential



Australia’s health minister hospitalised with ‘suspected infection’

Some mysterious infection two days after vaccination seems a little odd, nobody even entertaining that it might be a possible side effect, although it is possible – we already do not have an Attorney General or Defense Minister, now the health minister is getting sick!

Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout has begun, so how is it going and when can you get the jab?


And, just in case you missed your daily indignation(!!)

The Canberra sex abuse scandal

Christian Porter responsible for serial breaches of the law, now cries “rule of law”