Mark’s news digest March 10, 2021 


Mark’s news digest March 9, 2021. Today’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Reading news on Facebook feeds is telling Facebook what you want and what you like. If you’d prefer to have your viewing private then check out the newsfeed and click through to the website where articles first appeared.


Enviro news

Angus Taylor’s Future Fuels Strategy underachieves on climate aims

UK warned not to back Mathias Cormann as new OECD head

Microplastics in seafood are most likely to come via oysters, mussels and shellfish. But how much of a health risk do they pose?


Canberra rape story updates

Julie Bishop takes aim at federal government ministers over handling of rape allegations

Never been much of a fan of Julie Bishop – she was after all a Liberal – though she did carry herself well and seemed to have some integrity. I am glad she has come out on this issue, even suggesting she found it very unlikely that Scomo did now know about Brittany Higgins even though he said he did not know anything.

Rage and despair: how the culture of parliament follows women after they leave

Morrison blasted for treating rape allegations as ‘media and political issue’

Fat-shamers have felt enabled by Covid, and it’s hard to fight back

I find people’s talking about fat shaming strange. If it were tobacco or pot smokers who were more susceptible to Covid, or people who eat kilos of lemon peel every day or anything else then sure there’d be little sympathy.


US politics


Joe Biden might be in the White House, but Joe Manchin runs the presidency

Seems like Dems are stuck still till mid term elections next year


General news


University of Queensland student developing AI-assisted robotic prosthetic

The clumsily drafted online safety bill could see adult content censored in Australia

Sydney party mum on escaping Jehovah’s Witness religion

Jehovah’s Witnesses feeling the pinch of sex abuse just like the Catholic church.