Mark’s news digest Feb 27-28, 2021 

with today’s expanded weekend digest by Mark O’Brien

Australian politics

Winning at all costs: Rudd’s case for courage and conflict

Australia is the Covid lucky country. But we risk becoming cruel A bit late – Howard institutionalised cruelty re children overboard story


Jobseeker crash

The jobseeker increase is pathetic – and so is the spin to justify the paltry amount by Greg Jericho

Jobseeker increase ‘a disgrace’

Harvey Norman to keep $22m in jobkeeper despite profits doubling to $462m in pandemic If a jobseeker had gotten extra $50 by mistake the govt would make them bleed. Not so with Gerry


Cultural changes, Facebook

Ties optional: Funerals in pubs, bowls clubs, trains a sign of times

Facebook sucker-punch the Australian government. What it means for independent journalists and social media users

Why does Russia have a more open justice system than Australia? Alexei Navalny’s trial versus Witness K and Bernard Collaery It is amazing and shameful to consider that the headline may be correct


Environment news

Airbus reveals planes sold in last two years will emit over 1bn tonnes of CO2

What a warming Australia can learn from a frozen Texas Temps of minus 15 in Texas has had huge impact on peoples thinking


Brittany Higgins story

Scott Morrison covers up the rape of Liberal Party staffers as easy as his friend Hillsong’s Brian Houston covers up the rape of children by his father

Tracing Brittany Higgins case from the Saturday Paper, need subscription

Morrison in Survival mode


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