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Sage Improves Memory

With Mark O’Brien

According to a UK study the herb sage can be used to improve memory and also may prevent Alzheimer’s.

In the study, young adults who took sage oil had markedly improved memory, performing significantly better in recall tests.

These results are consistent with previous discoveries that showed that sage protects a brain protein that is destroyed in Alzheimer’s.

The study was undertaken a the northern English universities of Newcastle and Northumbria and involved 44 young adults.

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With no side effects apparent there is no downside to using sage, so it is worth experimenting with.

One wonders if the use of sage smoke in various religious rituals through time is related to this enhanced memory aspect – ie, is it assisting practitioners in accessing cellular memories or those stored in our rear brain?

Adapted for byronbodyandsoul.com by Mark O’Brien

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