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Raw Food Craze

By Paul Benhaim

There is a new diet hitting town, not Atkins or Zone, but Raw Food, a diet based on raw living foods.

This diet offers impressive weight loss, increased energy, less need for sleep and boosts the immune system until ‘it’s impossible to get sick’. It doesn’t need 5 course meals or more than 15 minutes in the kitchen (including cleaning up!).

The Australian proponents are few but well versed in the knowledge that nature is the biggest teacher.

A predominantly raw food diet will mark a positive change in your life. It did to mine.

Us so-called raw foodists make vegetarians look unhealthy.

There are benefits to a non-cooked world — you can graze all day, eating far more of your favourite foods than you would otherwise consider. It is not all carrots and lettuce.

There are equivalents to pretty much every cooked food including sun burger and fries, not-salmon pate, chocolate cake, mango icecream, Thai curry, lasagne’, soups and more.

And what’s more, I know many raw foodists who have cake and icecream for breakfast.

They are some of the healthiest people I have ever met! But it’s not all chocolate cake and icecream.

Local author and raw foodist for 20 years, Sapoty Brook actually developed a scientific way to show how foods are best balanced.

His CaPNaK chart shows graphically where foods are in terms of the calcium/phosphorus/sodium/potassium balance.

What this means is that if we have just had a chocolate cake (based on nuts, seeds, bananas and raw cocoa) then it is understood that such foods will have a warming effect and put us in a more thoughtful passive mood.

To balance this out, we would best eat a green salad with a creamy celery sauce at our next meal. This would bring us back more into an active mode.

Using such ideas we can eat to balance our feelings/activity levels to an appropriate activity.

The raw food movement is full of such theories, many of which I now recognise as something we all adhere to naturally.

Raw vegan living foods are the ideal not only for detoxification but for total health.

I found that the raw food diet brought up emotional ‘baggage’ that I thought I had dealt with years ago.

What is wrong with cooked foods?

Cooked foods are other than ideal for us — most of the vitamins, minerals and all of the enzymes are destroyed or distorted by heat.

The enzymes in living foods help in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, ensuring we get the most results from the energy we put in.

People often say to me that humans have now adapted to cooked foods. Just because we eat cooked foods and live to tell the tale does not mean this is natural.

People eat white bread en masse and they are still alive, does that mean they’ve adapted to it? Cooked food has a cumulative effect on the body.

It builds up over time and prematurely wears out your body, damaging internal organs.

Vegan or vegetarian

Those who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, or those who miss out a dessert now and again often consider themselves healthy.

If you suffer from any colds, fevers, headaches, body pains, allergies then you are in the first stages of disease.

These symptoms now considered normal by civilisation’s standards are actually dangerous, pathological conditions caused by eating cooked food.

People think they are healthy, but they have never experienced real health — physically, mentally and spiritually.

The living food diet is the most incredible discovery in human history.

When you follow this diet for a sustained period of at least 6 months you reach a level of health and vitality that will bring into balance the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical path.

Why have I not heard about this before?

Simple — there is no money in it. There is lots of money in the dairy, meat and soy industries. What can we sell you in the raw food movement?

Organic fruit and vegetables from your local farmer or better still wild greens from your back garden.

The most powerful way this movement is growing is by the people that walk their talk. After many years of experience their whole being, body, mind and spirit shine.

And this is the only way I truly understood; through living the experience.

By Paul Benhaim, the author of Living Food Recipes — for energy, beauty and longevity, available from and facilitator of Heaven and Earth Living Food Retreats

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