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Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how the mind effects the nervous system and immune system to eventually effect the body by creating a physical manifestation of disease or unwellness.

There are many authors that have shown us this, such as Louise Hays (Heal Your Life series) and Annette Noontil, just to name a couple.

Many of us for a long time have looked at our emotional “stuff” to help us grow and mature spiritually, and now more than ever are we looking at our bodies for the clues as to how our emotions are affecting us.

As a holistic practitioner I often help people realise that there is more to their state of health than just the obvious (virus, deficiency, parasite, fungus etc.) and guide them to what message their body is trying to convey.

Because we lack a clear form of communication between the mind and the body, the body has to give us signals or symbols to help us work out what to do.

It’s a bit like playing charades or looking at the symbology of dreams.

During the last few months I have noticed many cases of parasites showing up in the live blood analyses at the clinic.

Yes, the area is in drought and I did see a lot of parasites around the same time last year. But we have to remember that there is more to parasites than meets the eye.

People often say where do they come from? Parasites are found in contaminated water, in our produce and in the air we breath.

If we choose to drink contaminated water then we are obviously asking for trouble, but in the most part we pick them up just going about our normal day to day activities.

I discovered in my life working in pathology that parasites, fungi, bacteria of all kinds, and viruses are everywhere.

We used to play games of waving an agar plate (gel for growing bacterial cultures) around the room and see what we could grow in the incubating chambers. The amazing array of different deadly bacteria that we grew was quite astonishing to say the least.

It is quite obvious that this is why we have an immune system (white blood cells of differing types to deal with these critters on a daily basis.)

Many of us are aware that stress lowers our immune defenses and know all too well that if we are run down and stressed that this is when we are more prone to getting sick; but we still have very little understanding of the “why” behind it all.

There is of course the scientific view that shows how there is a change of chemicals and hormones in our body stimulated by stressful situations, but this doesn’t account for how we may get different disorders in different people, even though their stress factors are the same.

Well it all comes down to the vibrational energy created by what we are feeling.

I’ll explain. Everything on this earth whether dead or alive, metal, wood or flesh is made up of trillions of vibrating atoms.

When I worked in pathology with electron microscopes that could magnify thousands of times and go deeper and deeper into an object, it became clear that eventually you get to only atoms and empty spaces between atoms.

The rate at which atoms vibrate determines what an object actually is. Similarly, every organ and body part we have vibrates at a different frequency.

This is the basis for energy medicine, whether it is using homoeopathy, Bush and Bach Flower Essences, acupuncture or the microcurrent machine we use in the clinic.

They all aim to correct an imbalance in the vibrations of our atoms that make up our body.

The very thoughts that we have can change the pattern of the vibration of our atoms and this is the basis behind saying that the stresses in our life, be they emotional or physical, can alter our health.

And it is also the basis behind the power of affirmations, positive thinking and meditation. All aim to rebalance our systems back to harmony.

You have probably heard of positive and negative ions. Positive ions are the harmful ones that come from things like radiation from electrical devices, TVs, computers etc. These have an effect on our vibrations.

From studying microcurrent therapy in the clinic I was horrified to find out that the devices that scan us when leaving a shop to see if we have stolen anything has the vibratory frequency that can disrupt our reproductive system.

Everything that surrounds us in our technological world today can have an affect on us. But don’t be too disheartened as we can change our vibrations very easily by the way we think, feel and deal with our life.

Many know of the power of meditation to do just this. Also the vibrations from good wholesome foods, clean fresh air, water and exercise are vital.

The negative ions from sea air, waterfalls, and ionised water are also extremely helpful.

But for many this doesn’t seem enough, so then it is important to look at how our emotional life is affecting us. Let’s go back to the situation of parasites.

When I see parasites in a live blood analysis I ask the client, “so who are you allowing to suck the energy out of your life?” In most cases the answer is that a person or situation is negatively affecting their life.

Going deeper we can then ask, “So what do you feel you need to learn by allowing this situation or person to be parasitic in your life?

Finding the answers to these questions can help the client manifest change which can alter the vibration of their body so that their environment is now inhospitable for the parasites to thrive.

As a result the parasites are more easily eliminated by the body’s own immune defenses.

Obviously there is a lot more to it than these two simple questions, but I think you can get a feel of what I am trying to say. Every person is an individual and is treated that way.

In a colonic irrigation, because I stay with the client for the whole session, massaging the abdomen and discussing the very things I have just been writing about, many shifts can occur on many levels.

It is said that the bowel is the seat of where we hold our emotions and so the colonic becomes a great place to have these types of discussions.

Spring is the best time to have a clean out of our systems on all levels.

There is no better time than spring to have a detox of mind, body and spirit.

Originally published in Here & Now magazine, written by Sue Kira, from True Vitality

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