Musings With Susanna Freymark

Mother of two, social activist and writer, Susannah wrote these Musings with Susanna Freymark for the now defunct Here & Now magazine in 2004-5.

Fluctuating between musings on the sexuality of wildlife, the despair of the environmentalist who understands the ecological imperative of change that is not happening fast enough, the diarist detailing her first coherent steps as a writer plus lots of other tangents and journeys she takes us on, Susannah’s contributions to the iconic Here & Now were valued and appreciated by all who read them.

At once thoughtful and flippant, Susanna Freymark has a writing style typical of the Byron Bay area, even though now, in 2014, she lives in Sydney.

Because they were timeless, it felt appropriate to resurrect these tomes for the pleasure of visitors to this website. Maybe one day she becomes famous, and … well, she becomes famous, and you read it here first!

I trust you enjoy them as I have.

Mark O’Brien, editor

Contact or follow her via her facebook page or Twitter @SusannaFreymark