Introduction to naturopathy, homoeopathy, health supplements

As more and more is known about how the human organism functions it is becoming increasingly clear that we are often run by our chemistry.

Perhaps we are low in iron, or potassium or any vitamin or mineral, and this can have a profound affect upon how we feel and even how we behave.

As our diets and lifestyles have changed so also the chemical requirements of our bodies have changed.

Sifting through the plethora of vitamins and minerals in the health food stores can be a challenge.

Which ones (of the hundreds of options available) are useful and appropriate is hard to know, which is where the naturopath or homoeopath comes in.

Contrary to the scare campaigns being run in mainstream media, disciplines like naturopathy and homoeopathy are not just for the so-called lunatic, hippie fringe.

Searching for a more holistic and sustainable way of dealing with disease and ill health, many people, disillusioned with modern medicine’s dependence on drugs and the treatment of symptoms rather than cause, are finding it makes more sense to at least try the remedies that have been handed down through the ages.

Practitioners like naturopaths and homoeopaths are returning from the margins and becoming more commonly used as the first point of call for people with various ailments.

Next time you are felling unwell consider visiting a naturopath instead.

Just drop in and have a chat over the counter and see if it makes any sense.

Certainly in Byron Shire there are many who have replaced the traditional allopathic GP with their local naturopath who can either be booked for consultations or simply spoken to over the counter as they fill your vitamin order.

There are quite a few Byron Bay doctors who also precise homoeopathy and naturopathy.

There are quite a few local businesses that provide free over-the-counter-naturopathic advice.

It is becoming increasingly clear that mainstream, Western medicine does not have all the answers to the various health issues that are arising in our society, and so ultimately our health lies in our choices and our willingness to investigate our options

Spend some time on the web googling what information is available regarding a particular ailment or vitamin. ‘I didn’t know’ is, in these days of google, no longer a valid excuse for sticking bad things in our mouth or on our skin.

By Mark O’Brien

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