Kinesiology, a clients perspective: Kim
An interview by Dr Anna Rolfes. See Kinesiology, a clients perspective

Kim is a young mother of two small children. She had kinesiology sessions to help her better cope with her situation of having a family to care for. 

Anna: Can you recall a session when you were muscle tested with P? What happened there in the session for you being muscle tested?

Kim: I hadn’t had muscle tests done before and she gave me certain things and I had to hold my arm.

She was testing me and getting me to say certain things. And she like held my arm and then I was really surprised how my body would respond.

And then she’d get me to repeat something and then she’d test if I can hold my arm and I’d think that, consciously, I would be strong and I’d be weak. It really surprised me.

Anna: So was that a revelation to you how your body reacts to certain things?

Kim: Yes, deep down it felt like it was telling the truth. Consciously, I was not aware.

Anna: So, do you think you had some control over your muscle?

Kim: Unconsciously, yes; but not consciously.

Anna: So consciously you’d think “I have to be strong”, but it didn’t happen, you still could be weak. When you discovered that, did that change your reality and how you perceive your body?

Kim: Yeah, it made me look at myself a lot more. I felt like I had been hiding from myself.

Anna: So what is the muscle testing telling you?

Kim: It’s getting me more in touch with what I feel and want to do, what I really want. 

Anna: Do you think it has something to do with your intuition—that the muscle tests show your intuition?

Kim: I suppose it could be intuition but it feels like an inner strength—what is felt inside, what strength really remains.

Anna: And the muscle testing as a procedure brought you…?

Kim: Getting me more in touch with that.

Anna: How did that feel for you being muscle tested?

Kim: It’s exciting to feel your body responding. That the body knows what is right and wrong for you.

Life is so hectic and rush, rush, rush and I am caught up in things and it’s nice to get back to what are the really important things.

So it felt good in a way to see the body responding but, at the same time, also upsetting in a way, too, to realise how much you can cover up when you are rushing.

Anna: Did the muscle testing open something for you ?

Kim: It opened me to myself and how I react to things and still react to the past.

Anna: Would you say the muscle testing as a procedure has been beneficial to you?

Kim: Oh yes, I’d recommend it, yes, for a lot of different things. Especially stressful situations and anything really. I found it very efficient.

Anna: Did you learn more about yourself in muscle testing?

Kim: Yes, especially things from my past.

Anna: What is your opinion about the results of the muscle tests, when you experience something and then you get weak and then you get strong? What is your mind telling you then?

Kim: For me, I guess, it’s telling me how to better look after myself. I feel I’m doing something for myself like the additives testing for the food.

It’s saying “No, this food is actually weakening you, it’s not very good for you, it’s not making you really sick but it’s not strengthening you, it’s not giving you the energy you need, it’s not right for your body”.

So in that regard, yes, it is making me feel stronger. 

Also, things emotionally that I covered up… the muscle test make me look at them and find ways of dealing with them, which really makes me stronger again. I find that very strengthening.

Anna: When you think about your muscle getting weak and strong in the tests, would you be able to access that just sitting down and thinking about it yourself?

Kim: No, I don’t think so. Well, I never did that before with the things I’ve dealt with in the muscle testing, and I feel I’ve healed past things that have happened in my life that I couldn’t see any way.

I couldn’t have done that without it. I’m not saying it’s the most wonderful thing I have done in my life, but it certainly really worked.

Anna: Do you think just talking to a counsellor would have had the same effect;, would it be just as quick?

Kim: No, I don’t think so. This really got to what was causing the problems straight away.

Whereas with talking we never got to it really. It was something that was caused a long way in my past. With muscle testing, you were right there on the first day.

Anna: So, you say that you could access information in your energy field that you wouldn’t have accessed in another way.

Kim: Yes.

Anna: Now the method as such. Do you find being muscle tested is invasive?

Kim: No. I think it’s important to trust the person who’s doing the testing. If you feel comfortable with them, you feel comfortable with whatever emotions might come up. That is OK; I didn’t feel that it was invasive.

Anna: Or pushing you or something?

Kim: No, you’ve still got control. You can always say “No, I don’t want to do it any more”. I didn’t find it invasive. I felt that I benefited from the testing.

Anna: Do you have an idea what part of you is making your muscles weak or strong?

K: Of where the strength or weakness are coming from? Well, I feel in our body we have all the energy fields and everything, but I feel I’ve got a centre somewhere which effects the rest of my body.

It’s just my body being aware of how it’s feeling and everything that I’ve ever experienced is stored somewhere in that. So, with the testing, it’s just showing that part.

It’s just my body saying what is stored in that part. In our conscious life we’re so hectic, we’re so caught up with everything we often forget what is inside and all these things we’ve experienced.

Anna: Is there something else you want to mention… what muscle testing has done for you?

Kim: For me it’s been a very valuable experience. I feel that I can go now and do a lot of things whereas before I was really stuck. I got aware of past things that were subconscious and I didn’t remember that they were holding me back.

Anna: So the muscle tests helped you remember?

Kim: Yes, and heal them. It showed me things about myself which I didn’t know. It showed me things that I can do—practical and easy ways to keep feeling good and going.

Anna: So did it give you a better sense of the everyday reality, how you can cope with your kids and everything?

Kim: Oh yes, it made it much easier. I had a lot of stress before that, on top of having two hectic kids. I’m not as stressed now.

Anna: And you can deal with reality in a different way?

Kim: Most of the time. I’ve got some exercises I can do that really make me feel a lot more in control, a lot better. It’s not something like that I’m pretending to feel better. I actually feel better inside.

So when I feel stressed now it’s only like an external stress and I can overcome that. It’s not that my inner spirit is stressed.

Anna: Thank you for the interview.

By Dr Anna Rolfes

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