Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics is an Aboriginal healing system based on traditional Dreamtime Healing.

My teacher Steve Richards is an Aboriginal descendant who could remember all the ancient teachings of his culture when he was a child.

He then spent over forty years studying quantum physics, mathematics and other healing modalities so that he could put this knowledge into a practical healing system.

During a Holographic Kinetics process the practitioner communicates with the client’s spirit to find the cause of the issue they want to resolve.

The client is then guided back in time to the very cause of that issue so that they can see what happened and clear out the resulting stored emotions and thoughts from the body.

In that same dimension of space and time the client then creates a healthier and happier scene and locks those resulting positive emotions and free flowing energy into the space which was cleared.

These negative thoughts and emotions that were trapped in the body would have been causing the client to attract similar situations in their life.

So by clearing them out the client is then free to create new life experiences.

Based on Fibonacci mathematics, Holographic Kinetics recognises that the past plus the present equals the future.

So by changing what happened in the past, we are changing the present, and creating a more positive future.

If the issue came down the genetic line we clear the cause by accessing the spirit of the person that it came from, through the client’s body.

We then have the ancestor go back in time to the cause of this issue, see it, clear it out and change it to a more positive experience.

The issue could also be caused by inter-dimensional interference such as entities, human spirits or other forces, which may have entered the person’s field through drugs, alcohol, trauma, ritual or other reasons in this life or a past life, or which could have been passed down genetically.

We clear these forces by calling the interference to surface through the client’s body, and then read it its rights, which are based on Lore (universal law).

We understand that under universal law this invading force has no right to be in the field of another.

So once the rights have been read, and the dimension where it entered has been cleared, it can no longer remain in the body and so is forced to leave.

Once the client releases these forces and the trapped emotions and thoughts have been cleared, the effects they were causing will simply disappear and the client will experience balance and harmony.

Written by Jacinta Hoogenboom/ Her website is www.breathworkhealing.com

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