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GE Food Unhealthy

Is GE food unhealthy? A study ignored by mainstream media and somehow overlooked by government regulators has caste serious doubt on the safety of GE foods.

Secret research from Monsanto about their research on the affect of GE corn upon rats that came to light in 2005 reveals serious problems with GE corn. Rats fed on a diet rich in GE corn had smaller kidneys and variations in the composition of their blood.

This research comes on top of older research results that showed health problems related to GE potatoes which created a furore over which the lead scientist was forced to resign.

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With so much money at stake with GE food, Monsanto has become a massive influence in the push to put GE ingredients in our foodchain.

Critics view Monsanto and its stated desire to control the world’s food supply as being at odds with food sovereignty and the rights of the individual to have choice with regards GE ingredients, or the rights of farmers to grow non GE crops.

With a massive budget to promote GE food, and an equally massive budget to sponsor and control US university research, the GE industry in general and Monsanto in particular fly virtually unchallenged by the underfunded public interest groups with concerns about GE foods.

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