Facing your creation

Facing Your Creation

With Don Miguel Ruiz

How responsible do we want to be for our lives? Don Miguel Ruiz explores

About 2000 years ago Jesus spent 40 days in the desert; remember the story?

I want you to imagine that you are Jesus and you are in the desert. What are you doing in the desert? What you are doing is facing your own creation, facing what you are, facing every single belief.

It is the temptation of your own beliefs, everything that you have learned your entire life, everything that you believe about yourself and about everything else.

You are facing your entire reality. You are present in the desert, only you and no one else for 40 days.

So what do you find in the desert? You find your own creation, your fears, your anger, your jealousy. Every single belief, every drama of your life, all the injustice, all your judgments about yourself, society, religion, your family, work.

But in the desert it is you and you alone with your whole reality and it is frightening.

But, there is one thing you know for sure. You know that you are the son of god.

But even if you know you are the son of god, you are still facing “satan”, your own creation. You know “satan” represents your entire dream, all your beliefs, your whole world. And “satan” is a liar.

The whole dream, is a lie. What you believe about yourself, is not the truth. You find out something very, very interesting in the desert. You find you cannot see yourself.

In order to see yourself you need a mirror. You realise when you were born and as you grew up, you couldn’t see yourself, you didn’t know what you were.

You were surrounded by mirrors. Every human in your life was a mirror for you.

But there was a big problem with all those mirrors. They distorted your image. They didn’t reflect you the way you really were.

The way your mother reflected you was completely different than the way your father, your sisters, your brothers, your friends or your teachers reflected you.

You couldn’t see yourself and you believed them. They told you what you were and you accepted it, and you agreed. You believed that that was what you were. But it was very confusing, because everybody reflected you in a completely different way.

All the images were completely distorted. So you mixed all those images about you and you created your own, based on a combination of all those distortions.

And you believed it all and you said, “This is what I am”!

This is your biggest challenge in the desert.

You find out that you are not what you believed you were your entire life. And it is frightening, because this is the only way that you know how to be.

You created an image of yourself, completely distorted, and you practised and practised for years and years until you mastered what you believe you are.

And what is it that you mastered? Anger? Unhappiness? Drama? Judgment? Gossiping? And you discover something else very interesting. Every human in the entire world is a master.

And practice makes the master. We all practise what we believe we are until we master it. And we do it to perfection.

To realise this shakes your very world,and to see that none of your beliefs are true is devastating.

By the end of the 40 days you, Jesus, recognise that you really don’t know what or who you are. But you know that you are, because you are there. What is what you are?

You see that you are that force that is moving your physical body, that is creating your entire dream. You know you are alive and you know you are eternal. You know that you live forever.

And that changes everything.

You see something that should be obvious for everyone but they don’t seem to notice… that we are one and the same, we are life.

You discover that there is only one living being that exists and every-thing is a manifestation of that living being.

Everything is a manifestation of Life.

I want you to imagine that during these 40 days of being Jesus, you are able to touch that force that creates everything and you understand that you, the human are only a manifestation of that force.

How can you translate that into something the people will understand when their minds are full of mythology, full of fear, when they are dreaming and they don’t know that this is all a dream?

Jesus told them there is only god and nothing else exists but god.

And if only god exists it’s very easy to understand that everybody and everything is going back to god, even if we don’t want to, even if we resist.

Do you understand? That gift is freedom. You don’t have to be in a certain way in order to go back to god. Everybody is going back to god.

There is no other place to go. It is effortless. We have a great gift that comes directly from god. We can create, just like god because we are god.

We can create anything we want to. And whatever we create will be beautiful even if it’s drama, even if in our eyes we judge it to be ugly or bad.

What we practise is what we master. And we can change our mastery.

We are the way we are because that is what we learned. Because we didn’t see ourselves, we only saw distorted images of ourselves.

This is not good or bad or right or wrong.

We created a whole reality without awareness, without knowing what we were creating and we mastered what we are without awareness. If we can recover our awareness, can you imagine what we could do?

If we created the life we have now, obviously we can change it. There’s no doubt about it. This is very powerful. Everything becomes very simple. But we complicate everything.

Why do we complicate everything? We practise that.

We know how to do that very well. The rest is a choice, how we want to live our life.

In the Christian mystery school, there is something very, very powerful that they call faith. Faith means to believe in something 100% without a doubt and faith moves mountains. And humans, we are so powerful because we have faith.

All of us have faith. But where is our faith? If we know that faith is believing in something 100%, I can bet each one of you, that you have faith in what you believe you are without a doubt.

All your faith is invest-ed in what you believe you are and the image that you have created. And this is pure magic.

You live your life the way you do, because you have faith that you are what you believe you are. And the whole world follows your power.

If you believe in something, thy will be done, it will happen without any doubt. That is how powerful we are. 

So what is it that we believe? If you believe that you are not good enough, your personal power will prove to you that you are not good enough, just because you say so. Thy will be done.

And the entire world will give you evidence to justify and support your beliefs. If you believe that you are not strong enough, thy will be done. If you say “I can’t do it”, thy will be done.

But let’s see, if your reason says, “I don’t deserve to be poor” but deep in your heart you believe you are not good enough, you will be poor. Why? Because you are lying to yourself.

Because what you really believe in your heart is “I don’t deserve to be rich”.

Then what you wish is from your reason in your head, not from your heart, not from your faith.

And what you really believe is in the agreements that you made with yourself as you were growing up. Your faith is controlled by your beliefs. 

This is very important, because your faith is exactly what the Toltecs call Intent. It’s the same thing, just the word is changed. What you intend,is what is going to happen, without a doubt.

It’s what you really believe, not what you want to believe, not what you wish to believe. But by knowing this, you can create the most beautiful dream of your life, an incredible creation.

If Jesus could dream it, you can dream it. If I can do it, you can do it. Your faith, your dream, god’s creation is in your hands. I love you. 

Don Miguel Ruiz is the author of the following books: “The Four Agreements”, a New York Times best seller, published by Amber-Allenin November 1997, “The Mastery of Love”, published by Amber-Allenin May 1999, and “The Four Agreements Companion Book”, published by Amber-Allen in October 2000.

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