Brandon Bays Interview

with Mark O’Brien, 2000

Waking up to who you are and letting go of who you are not.

Interview with Mark O’Brien, published in the Here & Now magazine, Byron Bay 2000

Mark: Tell me about the Journey, where did it come from?

Brandon Bays: I had been in the alternative field for about 15 years and had been trained and thought I’d experienced just about everything.

I was a vegetarian, living by the sea, breathing fresh sea air, and travelling with Tony Robbins, giving seminars on ‘Living Health’ which was the field I specialised in.

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball in my uterus. I begged the surgeon to give me some time, and she eventually agreed to one month.

Six and a half weeks later I checked into hospital and underwent every test they could do. I was diagnosed textbook perfect clean, completely tumour free.

During that time I underwent quite a radical and profound healing journey.

What was really humbling was that I had been trained in everything from NLP, Kinesiology, herbology, iridology, nutrition, etc, a very broad spectrum of alternative therapies, and yet, no matter what I tried, nothing worked.

So it was obvious that there was an invitation to go some place much deeper, and I was catapulted on a profound spiritual, emotional and ultimately freeing, physical healing journey.

What was uncovered during that journey was a link, a direct access to the blocks that are stored inside the body, and a way to clear out the traumatic cell memories.

Once cleared, the body quite capably went about it’s own process of healing naturally. In the tiniest nutshell I can put it, it’s about cellular healing.

It’s about getting to the root core of an emotional issue or physical block – really uncovering it, in the deepest part of the being, resolving it, letting it go so the body can go about the process of healing.

Mark: What kind of processes do you do in your workshop?

Brandon Bays: The workshop is highly experiential.

In one of the processes you go down through emotional layers and dive into your own essence – into the infinite wisdom inside the body, the same part of you that makes your heart beat, your eyes shine and your hair grow.

Once you’re in touch with that part of you then you’re able to turn a flashlight on inside, and discover what’s stored inside the body, and go about resolving those issues, clearing them out.

Of course that same intelligence that reveals what is going on in the body is the same part of you that does the regenerative healing.

My own healing journey was a powerful process, unlike any I had been on and I feel very blessed that I was spontaneously guided. I had put out a very very strong prayer and was very humbled in the process.

I was literally on my hands and knees, praying that I would be guided to uncover what it was that had put that tumour in place, and learn the lessons the tumour had to teach me and ultimately learn the life lessons that my soul wanted me to learn.

In letting go of the blocks stored inside the tumour I realised that the tumour had never been clinging to me – I’d been clinging to it!

When the lessons were learned and I let go of the cell memories, the cells were able to regenerate naturally, of their own accord.

Subsequently I have worked with thousands of people and you don’t have to have something traumatic or violent happen to you to have blocks stored inside.

It can be as simple as being left on a beach when your little sister ran off to play with your best friend, and for that moment you felt abandoned.

What registers inside the body is this panic of being deserted. In my case, it was a memory of violence, and to tell you the truth, I’d done a lot of work on myself, physical, emotional, psychological, and thought I’d long since handled it.

To find myself presented, after 20 years of spiritual and personal growth work, with a tumour the size of a basketball, was very shaming. I felt like a fraud. I’d done all this work, and yet I still managed to get seriously ill.

When I uncovered the memory that was stored in my cells, I couldn’t believe it could possibly be that particular memory. It was as if my body and my soul were saying “Well you may think you’ve handled it, but clearly you haven’t”.

The Journey is practical ‘roll up your sleeves’ type work.  It’s for people who are tired of talking about it, who are ready and willing to finally finish with their stories.

Mark: When you come to Byron Bay what will you be doing?

Brandon Bays: We’ll be giving a couple of bookshop talks and running a full weekend workshop in Byron Bay. Normally I’d never offer a full Journey Intensive in a small town like Byron Bay, but I was so moved by the beautiful energy here.

Last year I was in Byron Bay for 5 weeks and I was deeply moved by the people here – their love of truth, their love of freedom, their love of personal development. People have done a lot of work on themselves.

I am aware that several enlightened masters have come to this tiny heavenly town and I can understand why – the energy here is extraordinary. It’s literally my favourite place on earth, outside of one place in India.

I feel it is such a gift for people to be able to come to Byron Bay and to do the workshop here.

Last year, when I gave a bookshop talk at Abraxas there were over a 100 people in that little bookshop, even people standing outside, and everyone was just completely still, riveted in the work.

I was very touched by the thirst that people have to continue to deepen in their journeys. Those already on a spiritual path often find this work allows them to open more deeply into their own truth.

Recently in the UK I did a seminar for 800 people, and I am accustomed to speaking to large audiences, but in Byron Bay I’m really looking forward to a much more intimate event.

I have this feeling that I will be called to expand in my own development and dive even deeper into the work. I think it’s going to be extremely powerful because of the amount of work already done by the people here.

Brandon bays interview

Brandon Bays







Mark: Many people here have done a great deal of other processes work and seminars, but still find they are still stuck in core issues which don’t go away.

Brandon Bays: That’s what this work is all about. It helps you uproot the scars, the core issues, the ones that just keep re-emerging and it takes you to the root cause of what put them in place.

Sometimes the issues may originate in a past life but are ongoing in this one. So there will be issues that we have been dragging around for a long time. Not only do you gain access to them and finally complete with them, you let go of years of karma.

I brought the work to Papaji (Punjaji, from Lucknow, India), and he gave me a great deal of wisdom and blessings for the work. It is extraordinary work in that all of it takes place in the vaster context of your soul – of truth.

I feel this work was a gift from grace – was born in grace and serves grace. It’s about getting real. I¹m not interested in people dwelling in their past stories.

Ultimately it isn’t about the story; it¹s about resolving and completing it, so it¹s no longer haunting your life. I can¹t tell you how excited I am to be coming to Byron Bay.

I am writing my next book Manifest Abundance and I am taking several weeks in Byron Bay to complete it, because I feel it is such an inspirational place.

Mark: People who come to the work, do they have physical issues, or just sick of the movies that they are in?

Brandon Bays: I’d say at any given seminar I give, about 10% come because they have a physically diagnosed challenge, which they want to get to the bottom of.

They want to learn what their soul is trying to teach them through the disease and free themselves. The other 90% come because they know that they have issues they are blocked by.

For instance, when they sit in meditation there’s this plateau they’re not getting beyond, or when they go to ask for a raise something seems to stop them.

Or whenever they’re ready to break through to a deeper level in their relationships there is something holding them back.

People recognise that we all have blocks and that we need to break through our emotional issues. There’s a stack of ways in which we numb ourselves to these issues, or we protect ourselves, or go into denial.

We realise we are not living as a true expression of our full potential. The work is very nitty gritty and down to earth in that it gets into the root cause of these blocks.

It really brings them into the light, and you get a chance to clear them out and finish with them. It appeals to people who¹ve done a lot of work on themselves and have done just about every seminar and still get stuck.

It’s as if we say, “OK, enough already!” and are ready to roll up our sleeves and get real about it.

The Journey often seems to be the final seminar people come to, to finish with their stories and it attracts many people who are already on a path and yet have scars, which still keep haunting them.

It is a conscious means to let go of these scars, these “vasanas”, these limiting thought patterns which persist, no matter how much personal growth work you’ve done.

Often we carry these patterns for many many years. Memories get stored at the cellular level, which get passed on from one cell generation to the next.

The great gift of my own journey was that the means to access memories stored at a cellular level was revealed. Out of that, as a therapist, I devised a script, process work, for people to get access to physical and emotional issues.

Our next step is to manifest our deepest potential and create abundance in all areas of your life. In my next book you discover what is holding you back from creating abundance, and you clear out these silent saboteurs.

Mark: It feels like there is a challenge here. Am I ready to let my story go? That takes a certain courage to ask, “Am I ready to move on?”

Brandon Bays: Absolutely. I don’t feel that anyone can make it to a Journey seminar unless they ARE ready. Something always happens.

Can’t find the venue, their child has chickenpox or their boss insists they take someone else’s shift. External circumstances seem to conspire to keep you from coming.

If you’re not ready, you find you cannot make it into the seminar room. If you find yourself in the room, it means that on a profound level you are ready to wake up to who you are and to let go of who you are not.

In one sentence that’s what the Journey work is. Waking up to who you are and letting go of who you are not.

In her book, “The Journey”, Brandon Bays refers to Deepak Chopra who speaks about the ability of the cells in the body to replicate very quickly. For example, all the cells in the eye are replaced every two days, the cells in the liver in just 6 weeks.

So in theory, if there is something the matter with the body, the cells should replicate themselves healthily in very little time as new cells replace the unhealthy ones.

However, if the cells are programmed with various kinds of dysfunction this degenerative programming is passed on from one cell generation to the next.

The key is to gain access to this programming – to the actual cell memories and clear them out. This is what Brandon Bays is talking about.

This interview was conducted by Mark O’Brien in November 2000.

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