Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

With Carolyn Boniface

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy offers a gentle, non intrusive hands-on approach to healing that is considered both leading edge and completely unique. It is utterly respectful and deeply receptive of the wholeness of life and the inherent resourcefulness, integrity and self healing capacities of the human organism.

It seeks to work in absolute harmony and cooperation with natural laws, not techniques, practitioner based impositions or “fix it” formats based on conceptional man-made models.

The origins of BCST are from years of inquiry, observation, profound revelations and perceptual skill of the osteopaths Dr. Sutherland, Dr. Becker and more recently Dr. Jealous.

The study and practice of these exceptional men changed from a mechanical understanding of health and the cranial mechanism to the recognition of inherent intrinsic therapeutic forces innate to the human organism that manifest an unerring potency always moving the organism towards balance and health.

This greater dynamic at the core of health and healing was named Primary Respiration. Primary Respiration was recognised as being responsible for all metabolic motions of life. It is also an extra genetic force that moves from the outside to the inside to the outside, in a perpetual state of a creating, manifesting continuum of flux and flow.

Primary Respiration cannot be reduced into parts or segments and as such in Biodynamics the human organism is always treated as a unit of wholeness and never as separate, fragmented parts. A skilled and trained practitioner is alert to and in synchronisation with this reality.

Biodynamics means one is working in harmony with the dynamics of life, a moment to moment continuum of creation moving the organism towards perfect proportion. These tide-like forces unfold the human embryo from conception throughout the individual’s entire life, giving it form, function, power, health and healing when injured or sick.

These forces of growth and development are present and palpable at all stages of an individual’s life span and are the foundational forces of regeneration.

The forever-flowing life potency, its power, amplitude and the fluid-like rhythms it expresses are regarded as a manifestation of health carrying an essential ordering principle that maintains balance in our form and function.

Our state of health is determined by the fullness and balance of these unimpeded fluid expressions, the free flow of our ever moving life force and its inherent reference to our perfect blueprint of health, or “perfect form”.

Our blueprint of health is always present, beneath our genetic imprint, but most often hidden from our attention and awareness, particularly in today’s fast moving, outward-oriented culture which tends to numb our senses and the deeper connection to what we truly are. To the perception of a skilled practitioner, all of these “events” are acknowledged and seen in a treatment session.

In a person suffering illness, trauma, dysfunction or any physical or emotional stress, the body’s fluid fields and tissues contract, restricting fluid flow and the expression of normal, healthy spatial dynamics. When the trauma is severe or chronic this contraction can become locked in as inertia or condensation.

This inertia can restrict function and vitality and give rise to pain, various disorders, depression or anxiety. Inertia and stagnation are the foundation of all disease.

It is the practitioners role to support the transition from inertia to healthy motion, expansion and freedom.

Through stillness, deep listening, skilful touch, awareness of the balance point and synchronising with the organism’s deepest intrinsic resources, the practitioner communicates profoundly with the natural healing forces.

This assists the capacity of the system’s fluid field dynamics to transmutate, reorganise and return to its original healthy motion and normal spatial orientations, free from tension or holding.

The key to the Biodynamic approach is the support and deep relaxation of the autonomic nervous system and its ability to return to a state of homeostatic rest. This provides tremendous stress relief, the release of old patterns of held trauma and can offer complete resolution of various stress, anxiety and trauma conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder and its affiliate conditions.

It is only when the autonomic nervous system is in balance that the fullness of the innate therapeutic forces can express their full potential. As the system is supported to a deepening state of rest, one enters a therapeutic zone of reconnection to the authentic self, often veiled from one’s perception when distractions and internal noise levels are too high. This can result in a complete shift of chronic conditions and perceptual limitations.

A sense of newfound freedom, happiness, peacefulness and creativity can spontaneously emerge. It can offer life-changing improvements for trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, stress, eating disorders and imprints of severe boundary violations.

Other common outcomes from a Biodynamic craniosacral treatment are greater serenity, clarity, peace of mind, reduction or elimination of pain, an observable sense of expansion, decompression, gain in vertical height and improved balance.

Fragmentation homogenises into unity.

Distraction transitions to presence.

Activation returns to peace.

The term wholeness becomes a meaningful reality.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is an effective support for most conditions, physical and psychological as it serves to bridge psyche and soma.

Body, mind and spirit are regarded and treated as a single unit of function, not as separate divisions, but as an expression of wholeness. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can fast track the process of connecting to and resolving core issues.

It is suitable for all ages, including infants, pregnant women, the elderly, people with delicate, degenerative or painful conditions. It is also a genuine support to any deep psychological or spiritual process work. Even a single treatment can offer remarkable benefits.


Carolyn Boniface is an Advanced Certified practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and The Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Biodynamics came to her as a true spiritual calling. It is her passion to support people back to health and happiness through the power of Biodynamics. Tel: 0401 452 762 / (02) 6677 9223.

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