Autism-vaccination battle reaches the courts

Finally the autism-vaccination battle reaches the courts. In a ground breaking legal twist to the ongoing autism-vaccination battle, an Italian judge in Rimini has ruled that there was an ‘established’ link between MMR vaccination and autism.

The case revolved around a child who was vaccinated and upon returning home immediately developed symptoms, and a year later was diagnosed with autism and is now 100% disabled.

The judge ordered the state to pay court costs and to compensate the child with a 15 year annuity.

The full (Italian) judgement can be found here.

Earlier in 2012 a US court also found that the MMR vaccination ‘can’ cause autism.

There are apparently another 4900 cases in the US alone of parents seeking compensation from the US Govt which is very nervous about opening the floodgates to millions of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who were vaccinated with the MMR as babies.

This battle has been going on for years between sometimes hysterical opponents of thimerasol based vaccinations and the pharmacological interests and the government health departments world wide who seem to be under their spell.

This judgement is very important for laymen to understand that there is a very serious issue here that is not simply arising out of an anti medical establishment rhetoric.

By Mark O’Brien

See Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism 8 May, 2012

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