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Social Issues Articles

#metoo expanding its reach

#metoo expanding its reach? In mid February 2018 there was yet another school shooting, this time in Florida and there were 17 deaths. While previous responses to mass shootings were ignored by Trump, this has been turbo charged by the #metoo...

#metoo, Sexual Abuse as Abuse of Power

#metoo, Sexual Abuse as Abuse of Power. Mark O'Brien writes about how as #metoo grows and spreads its tentacles across the globe, it broadens from being about men abusing women to anyone abusing anyone. #metoo is more about the systemic abuse of...

UFC as a sign of our times

I was driving around recently and was disturbed to see bars crowded with under 35s watching a UFC match. I instantly saw UFC as a sign of our times and a manifestation of all that is wrong in our increasingly disconnected and violent...

Why Ogling Women May Undermine Their Intelligence

A study titled 'My Body or My Mind' published by the European Journal of Social Psychology suggest that when women feel objectified by men they internalise this perception, thinking of themselves as a sexual object, their cognitive ability, their... social issues articles

Our Digital Life: Where Is It Going?

We all know that our lives, how we relate to our world, to each other has change dramatically with technology, especially with the advent of the smart phone and social media. How is this impacting on the wiring of our brain, that will be passed down... social issues articles

Links To Social Issue Articles

The following is a list of links to various articles relating to the various social issues of our times that have been selected from other websites. Please feel free to email links to any articles you have come across you think might be of interest... social issues articles

Where Is The Virtual World Taking Us?

Mark O’Brien reflects upon the trend towards poor behaviour in our daily life and our public discourse and asks where is the virtual world taking... social issues articles

How To Stop Kids Killing Themselves

An article published on the ABC site 13/2/2012 All gore: an inconvenient truth suggests that kids need to confronted with more gore so they can learn that they are fallable and that actions can...

Older women on scrap heap?

Never before in history has there been such a demographic as single alone women in their 50s and 60s. This is a new phenomenom and one that Western society has no answers...