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Our Digital Life: Where Is It Going?

We all know that our lives, how we relate to our world, to each other has change dramatically with technology, especially with the advent of the smart phone and social media. How is this impacting on the wiring of our brain, that will be passed down... social issues articles

Where Is The Virtual World Taking Us?

Mark O’Brien reflects upon the trend towards poor behaviour in our daily life and our public discourse and asks where is the virtual world taking...

Links To Latest Eco Articles

Following is a list of various eco and enviro articles of interest selected from various websites. Please email your favourite eco- or enviro-tech articles and they will be added to this...

Matrix-Style Learning Possible?

When, years ago, I watched the movie The Matrix for the first of many times, I really loved the way the characters were able to 'learn' martial arts and how to fly helicopters and other difficult disciplines in the virtual 'real world' simply by...